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About Art Encounters

Launched during Singapore Art Week 2020, Art Encounters is a presentation series by Art Outreach that captures the creative process within repurposed shipping containers. Functioning as mobile studio, gallery and public engagement spaces, the containers travel to a new site in Singapore each quarter. 


Each rotation of Art Encounters features an artist-in-residence commissioned to create an artwork inside the containers, allowing full visibility into the fascinating art-making process. Visitors may engage in conversation with the artist to learn about their inspiration, techniques, and perspectives. The completed artwork will remain on display for a few months, enriched by dialogues and responses from the community around the art site and from the general public. 


Featuring diverse artists and mediums across drawing, painting, sculpture and digital installations, Art Encounters offers rare insight into the chapter of creativity that is often concealed in traditional exhibitions, thus bringing the public closer to art.


Art Encounters is presented by Art Outreach in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board to extend robust visual art programming to the public throughout the year and beyond Singapore’s art precincts, uncover new opportunities for integrating art into aspects of everyday life. The containers feature monochrome murals painted by local artist William Goh. 

Lionel Sabatté:
Concrete Contemplations from the Past in the City of Tomorrow

12 January - 2 February 2020 (Closed 25-27 January), 11am-7pm

On pedestrian walkway in front of Ngee Ann City

Admission is free.

Drop by to pick up free postcards featuring artworks by TraseOne, SPAZ, Song, ANTZ and Dem from local street art collective RSCLS, who also painted the containers. There are 10 designs to choose from!

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