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Petals Fall, Now and Then by Chloë Manasseh

21 Aug - 3 Oct 2021, 11am-8pm daily, Bugis+ Outdoor Plaza

In its fifth edition, Art Encounters travelled to Bugis Town (comprising Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis Street) featuring a multi-sensorial installation by Chloë Manasseh that explored the strength of the imagination, the relationship between individual and collective memory, and identity anchored within spaces. Offering an escape to nature in the midst of an urban landscape, Petals Fall, Now and Then granted viewers a new perspective, and afforded the subconscious a multitude of possibilities of what was, is and can be.


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Observe artist Chloë Manasseh at work as she spends the first 14 days of the exhibition (21 August to 3 September) live painting a lush environment of floor-to-ceiling visuals, inspired by the centuries-old traditions of the Bugis seafarers and the wilds of her own creative vision.


This process will also be recorded and shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as  Bugis Town’s.

When complete, step inside the immersive space to experience the sublime power of nature. The installation also features a custom ambient scent designed by home-grown fragrance label Scent by SIX in collaboration with the artist.

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Finally, enjoy an exhibition of large-format botanical paintings in the adjacent container and leave your mark on a participatory community canvas.
Please tag the artist @chloemanasseh_studio and @artoutreachsingapore, and let us know how your experience was!


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About the Artist

Chloë Manasseh (b. 1990, London) is a Singapore-based artist who works with painting, print, video and installation. Her practice explores the fragility of vision and our intrinsic attachment to landscapes which underpin our sense of identity. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Painting from the University of Brighton and an MA in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art. She is also a practicing art psychotherapist having completed an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Lasalle College of Art Singapore. Her work is included in several international private collections and has been exhibited in Singapore, the UK, USA, Israel and Italy. She has collaborated extensively with artists, musicians, clothing and interior designers on various projects around the world.


Manasseh believes that our attachment to landscapes reveals a deeper need for a sense of identity and belonging. Having to remain in place while things have changed rapidly around us has served to heighten the evocative power of images, sounds and smells to elicit powerful memories of landscapes imagined, experienced or close to one’s heart.



  • Petals fall, now and then. Oil on canvas. 2020.

  • Curious flowers watching us pass. Oil on linen. 2018.

  • Feet planted. Oil on linen. 2018.

  • Strange Flower. 2020.

  • They wore the shape of the wind. Oil on Canvas. 2021