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Lines in Space

Tiffany Loy

4 – 22 Jan 2023, 11am – 9pm daily
Art Outreach, 5 Lock Road #01-06
Singapore 108933



Working with a minimal amount of material, Loy explores thresholds of our senses – lines at the threshold of visibility, and ‘surfaces’ at the threshold of boundary. Developed from a body of work which began in 2019, this exhibition is a further exploration of the concept of textiles with more space than lines. 


In a greater physical scale, employing the floor and ceiling as a loom for anchoring loose lines, Loy constructed the central installation in-situ, manipulating the lines to change her experience of the space.

Leno Lines in Space3-Tiffany Loy.jpg

Loy thinks of lines as building blocks, modified by parameters such as colour, scale, tension, and placement.


The act of weaving – constructing surfaces from lines held in tension, is a constant negotiation between weaver and line. Especially in the context of extremely open weave structures, the lines find their own equilibrium within the woven structure, after the weaver’s intervention. Motivated by the technical challenge of keeping the structures strong and stable, even when woven loosely, Loy experiments systematically with yarn materials and forms, and weaving techniques.

Studies were built in smaller scale, to explore the effects of different parameters on the stability and visibility of the woven structures. Thin lines were plied to form thicker lines. White lines were dyed to alter their visibility inspace. Multiple ‘surfaces’ criss-cross and curve to break out of the woven grid. With each study constructed, Loy builds upon her understanding of the materials and their behaviour and interaction with each other.

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5 Lock Road #01-06

Singapore 209528

Nearest Bus Stops/ MRT Stations:

  • Opp Alexandra Pt 15059

  • Alexandra Pt 15051

  • Labrador Park MRT Station CC27

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About the Artist
Tiffany Loy (b. 1987 Singapore) is a Singaporean artist, trained in industrial design in Singapore, and textile-weaving in Kyoto. Loy graduated from the Royal College of Art, with an MA in Textiles, specialising in weaving, and was a recipient of the DesignSingapore Scholarship. Since the founding of her studio in 2014, Loy’s experimental works have been exhibited internationally, at venues such as Singapore Art Museum, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, and La Triennale di Milano. Loy’s background in product and textile design has led to her unique approach in creating materials with minute details, while keeping in mind their overall impact in the larger, spatial context.

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