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Rizman Putra x Art Outreach Singapore

Art Outreach is proud to present our first-ever NFT launch in collaboration with Rizman Putra, to commemorate his groundbreaking participatory exhibition IMMEMORIAL, which transformed our office space during the 10th edition of Singapore Art Week in January 2022.


Over 24 days, IMMEMORIAL welcomed more than 3,800 people to participate in its making. It transported audiences to a fantastic neon forest of floor-to-wall drawings, accompanied by a monochrome room that explored the magic of co-creation. Here, Rizman invited visitors to fill in the walls with colours of their own, adding to an evolving work of art with others around them.

DSCF6289 by Colin Wan.jpg
DSCF6385 by Colin Wan.jpg
DSCF6947 by Colin Wan.jpg
DSCF6370 by Colin Wan.jpg

Having been created for and by the community, IMMEMORIAL now lives on in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), giving you the chance to collect a piece of this special work, and to own it in perpetuity. 
Released to commemorate Art Outreach's 20th anniversary, this NFT launch comprises 1,112 completely unique NFTs, each featuring a 42 x 42 cm "slice" of IMMEMORIAL's walls and floors, photographed in high-resolution. To encourage more individuals to become stakeholders of local art, we are offering 495 NFTs from the community room that was coloured in by the visitors of the exhibition for free. 593 NFTs of the fantastical neon forest painted by Rizman are available at 0.05 ETH each, while 24 rare NFTs of the trees in the forest are available at 0.1ETH each, accompanied by a hand-signed, limited-edition print of the installation. 

NFT Drop Mechanics

641_034_IMM_01_ICR Left_006_004.jpg

Community Room

495 NFTs

Coloured by over 3,800 visitors 


316_IMMEMORIAL_04_IAR Back Wall Slices_003_002.jpg

Neon Forest

593 NFTs

Painted by Rizman Putra

0.05 ETH

074_IMMEMORIAL_01_IAR Left Wall_013_002-Tree.jpg


24 NFTs

Includes physical limited edition print

0.1 ETH

Unlock a Physical Artwork

24 rare NFTs of the trees in the installation will come with a limited-edition physical print.


Produced on archival, acid-free paper, the print was created by stitching together 100 photos from the neon forest and is only available through this NFT launch. Each print will be editioned and signed by Rizman Putra.

*View the available trees by using the "Filter" function or searching for the keyword "tree" in the search bar on OpenSea.  Instructions for claiming the physical print will be revealed in the unlockable content section when you purchase your tree NFT. To claim your print, submit your details below.


DSCF6336 by Colin Wan.jpg

Why Support Us?

Purchasing an NFT not only allows you to collect a piece of IMMEMORIAL, the proceeds from your purchase will also be shared between the artist Rizman Putra and Art Outreach, with royalties from secondary sales continuing to support the work we do in championing artists, in perpetuity.


As a non-profit arts intermediary, Art Outreach relies on funding from the government and fundraising ventures such as this one. Purchasing an NFT would aid us greatly in our fundraising efforts, allowing us to enable emerging practitioners in the pursuit of their craft and to finance our community-based and educational programmes.

About Art Outreach

Established in 2003, Art Outreach is a non-profit arts intermediary with IPC status that is dedicated to promoting art appreciation in Singapore and strengthening networks in the local art ecosystem.


About the Artist

Rizman Putra (b. 1978) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice straddles performance, visual arts, and music. His works have been performed and exhibited internationally including in the Singapore Biennale, the Fukuoka Triennale and the Venice Biennale. He received the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's (RMIT) Most Outstanding Award in 2003 and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI) Singapore Foundation Award in 2005. The latter was won as part of the now-dissolved artist collective Kill Your Television (KYTV), of which he was a co-founder. He also founded the electronic outfit NADA. Rizman is currently an Associate Artist with Cake Theatrical Productions.


IMMEMORIAL is not Rizman’s first collaboration with Art Outreach; he was also featured in our second edition of Art Encounters, transforming our iconic shipping containers on the lawn of the Malay Heritage Centre into a neon painting installation titled From Gelam to Glam.

Artist Interview

Hear Rizman share his thoughts on IMMEMORIAL

Over 3,800 visitors engaged with the work over 24 days, creating a truly unique piece that sets a record for one of the largest number of NFT creators.

To create the NFTs, all 181 square metres of IMMEMORIAL's walls and floors were photographed in over 800 sections, then stitched together, before being sliced into high-resolution grids. Each NFT now corresponds to a 42 x 42 cm of the original artwork. 


Explore both the neon forest and community room

Project Team




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