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Sterling Ruby

b. 1972, Germany

Scale (5167), 2014

Steel, paint, wood, cardboard, yarn and mixed media

292.1 x 172.7 x 144.8 cm

Assemblages are a significant aspect of Sterling Ruby’s oeuvre. They adeptly embody the signature aspects of his practice, encompassing his multifaceted, manic and visceral approach towards creating works that tackle a variety of societal issues and draw upon personal experiences. These assemblages simultaneously contain and oscillate between the extremes of fluidity and statis, pristine and defaced, as well as minimalism and maximalism.

In the case of SCALE (5167), the work is a larger-than-life manifestation of a collage, featuring monochrome shapes juxtaposed against scraps of various materials and objects. Through these balancing scales, Ruby invites the viewer to form their own opinions on the values of the objects that are suspended midair, initiating conversations that reflect complex nuances and perspectives.

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