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Oscar Murillo

b. 1986, Colombia

(Untitled) news, 2020-2021

Oil, oil stick, graphite and spray paint on canvas and linen

191 x 170.5 cm

(Untitled) news is part of a series of paintings created by Oscar Murillo during the COVID lockdown, alluding to the growing political unrest within his home country of Colombia and throughout the world.

The paintings are defined by their imposing size and profound intensity, featuring densely packed expanses of black that boldly censor significant portions of fiery red, alongside hues of blue, pink and green. Within the artwork, subtle hints of obliterated words suggest both suppression by and resistance against various sources of power.

For Murillo, who views paintings as a medium for dialogue and discourse, these works become political expressions, shining a spotlight on the intentional obfuscation and manipulation of language and information. They underscore the potential for new meanings and narratives to emerge from discussions, emphasising the role of art in confronting and reshaping socio-political conversations.

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