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Elad Lassry

b. 1977, Israel

Untitled (Turtle), 2017

C-Print, wire, walnut frame

63.5 x 53.3 x 15.2 cm

Elad Lassry's works represent an ongoing exploration of the question: What is the meaning of a picture?

In this instance, Untitled (Turtle) is an image of a turtle held in an unidentified person's hands. It is an unassuming choice of subject and perspective, if not for the root-like structures emerging from the image.

Lassry’s choice to leave the work untitled without any commentary on its reasoning, process, or execution, was deliberate. This disruption of traditional expectations of a photographic work, through the alienation of its subject from conventional subtext, prompts a deeper reconsideration of our approach to visual representations: What does this picture lose, or even gain, from this process of decontextualisation?

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