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the ARTery – an Art Outreach Pop-up

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the ARTery Pop-up by Art Outreach 24 – 26 Jan 2019 , 11am – 7pm 27 Jan 2019, 11am – 5pm Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Hall A Admission is free

About The ARTery, a Pop-Up by Art Outreach is an exhibition born out of an urgent need to help out galleries and artists left stranded by the cancellation of the art fair at Marina Bay Sands. The exhibition sets out to offer a platform for exhibitors who have already shipped their works over.

The Pop-Up is organised with support from Marina Bay Sands, and the assistance of the agencies behind Singapore Art Week – National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Economic Development Board.

For the exhibition, each gallery will have a 30sqm booth with standard entitlements, as well as a program space, for artists to hold talks and to discuss their works.

Being part of the Singapore Art Week (SAW), shuttle buses, sponsored by Phillips Auctioneers, will be providing shuttle services on the following dates and times between Marina Bay Sands, National Gallery Singapore and Gillman Barracks:

  • Friday 25 January 2019: once per hour from 4pm to 9pm

  • Saturday 26 January 2019: once per hour from 11am to 6pm

  • Sunday 27 January 2019: once per hour from 11am to 6pm

the ARTery Pop-Up Exhibitor List:

  1. Artify Gallery (Hong Kong)

  2. BLINK Gallery (Hong Kong)

  3. Galerie GAIA (South Korea)

  4. Gnani Arts (Singapore)

  5. Linda Gallery (Beijing / Singapore / Jakarta)

  6. Mazel Galerie (Belgium / Singapore)

  7. NEW MUSEUM (South Korea)

  8. Tang Contemporary Art (China / Hong Kong / Bangkok)

  9. Tanya Baxter Contemporary (U.K. / Hong Kong)

  10. VISIONAIRS GALLERY (France / Singapore)

  11. WHITESTONE (Japan / Hong Kong / Taiwan)

Media Coverage:

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