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Bringing Art to the Streets and Public: Live repaint of our Art Encounters containers by William Goh

From void decks to coffee shops, our Art Encounters containers now feature familiar scenes of everyday life in Singapore​​ as seen through the eyes of local artist William Goh.

Completed murals by artist William Goh at the Malay Heritage Centre

Born in 1992, Goh is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in water media and oil. His works address the relationship between time, space and memory, attempting to bridge reality and the image in the mind. In 2017, Goh completed his Diploma in Art from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and went on to graduate with a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. He is actively involved in the art scene as one of the youngest members helming leadership roles in the Modern Art Society Singapore, Singapore Watercolour Society and Federation of Art Societies, and has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Local artist William Goh

To commemorate our Art Encounters initiative entering its third year in 2022, we collaborated with Goh to give our containers a fresh new look, while granting the public a rare insight into his creative process. For 3 weekends in late-November to mid-December 2021, visitors were invited to watch Goh live painting his murals on the lawn of the Malay Heritage Centre, and observe him using light projections as part of his process on Fridays after sunset. Some even took up a brush and got involved!

Live painting by William Goh, his crew, and our visitors

Drawing on his own recollections and observations, Goh recreated these scenes in a monochrome palette to speak to their liminality as spaces that have witnessed weddings, funerals, breakups and reunions over the years. In doing so, he wishes to convey a sense of familiarity and comfort, ushering audiences into a deeper encounter with art as they draw connections to stories that resonate with them in the images.

Don’t miss the chance to see Goh’s wonderful works in person and catch our Art Encounters containers as they travel to 4 brand new sites around Singapore this year, beginning with our seventh edition now on at Marina Bay Sands!

Art Encounters containers currently at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2022, Art Encounters has travelled to the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza with Perpetual Motion, an installation of kinetic sculptures, drawings and maquettes by local artist Gerald Leow. Visit anytime from now until 6 Feb to view the murals in person, and activate a series of towering steel columns that generate changing reflections of the surroundings! You can also meet Gerald Leow himself on weekends, and engage in a DIY pinwheel activity.

Art Encounters: "Perpetual Motion" by Gerald Leow now on at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

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