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A message from Art Outreach

The 2023 edition of the IMPART Art Prize marks the sixth and final chapter of this remarkable initiative. Over the course of six years, we've celebrated 18 exceptional awardees and recognized 7 Honourable Mentions. Now, as we pave the way for a new paradigm in art support, we want to express our profound gratitude for the support we've received for the Prize and for the extraordinary talents we've had the privilege of acknowledging and rewarding.


As we bid farewell to this chapter, we do so not with sadness but with a profound sense of accomplishment and excitement for what lies ahead. The conclusion of the IMPART Art Prize is not the end of our commitment to nurturing and promoting artistic endeavours. Instead, it signifies a transition to a new chapter that will empower us to have an even broader and more profound impact on the art community.


Our team is hard at work on a fresh and dynamic initiative that will continue to nurture and empower artists. We are confident that this evolution will usher in exciting opportunities and new horizons for the art community. Please stay connected with us through our social media channels and mailing list for the latest updates.


IMPART Art Prize

Supporting emerging talent in Singapore's visual arts

2017 - 2023 

The Forest Institute, co-initiated by Robert Zhao Renhui, Randy Chan & John Tung (IMPART Art Prize Winner 2023) , 14 Jan to 14 Mar 2022.

Image Courtesy of The Forest Institute.

Established since 2017, the IMPART Art Prize aims to support the professional development of emerging artists and curators in Singapore by providing impactful career building opportunities, while building an awareness and appreciation of local art and practitioners. 

Each year, up to three visual arts talents will receive a cash prize of SGD20,000 each, alongside opportunities for professional development and networking, to enable them to grow and sustain their chosen careers in the arts.  

Key Dates


Call for applications open


Call for applications close


Jury deliberation


Winners announced

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Questions about IMPART Art Prize?

We have compiled the most popular questions received over the years in our FAQ


Tan Boon Hui Curatorial Prize

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Tan Boon Hui on 7 July 2022, a prolific figure and trailblazer in Singapore’s art scene who has not only been an advisor to Art Outreach since our inception, but also a dear friend.

Boon Hui served as the Chair of our IMPART Art Prize Jury and Curatorial Advisor for our IMPART Collectors’ Show since 2017, generously dedicating his time and expertise to advocating for local practitioners and cultivating art appreciation in the community.

His visionary leadership also left an indelible mark on the many institutions and museums he helmed across Singapore and the US, where he revitalised a focus on contemporary Asian art and created spaces for performance art practices to thrive.

Boon Hui’s unwavering commitment to championing Asian arts and culture around the world has inspired many, and his dynamic presence will be greatly missed. We thank him for all he has done for the local art scene and for Art Outreach.

In honour and celebration of his legacy, the IMPART Art Prize for Curators will be renamed the "Tan Boon Hui Curatorial Prize".


I think what really helps with winning this Prize is that it gives you a certain level of recognition and, beyond that, also the motivation to know that you are on a right path in terms of your practice and what you’re pursuing.

Kent Chan

IMPART Art Prize 2023

Winner (Artist)

Hot House, 2020, Wood, PVC strips, heater, humidifier, dimensions variable.Courtesy of artist

IMPART Art Prize

IMPART Art Prize
IMPART Art Prize 2023 Prize Presentation Ceremony
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Interview with IMPART Art Prize 2023 Tan Boon Hui Curatorial Winner, John Tung
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Interview with IMPART Art Prize 2023 Winner, Jon Chan
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Interview with IMPART Art Prize 2023 Winner, Kent Chan
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We have assembled an influential panel of internationally respected art industry practitioners, artists and art patrons, who will be serving as esteemed judges to select the winning entries.

Advisory Panel

The panel gives advice and recommendations on the governance, management, and programmatic aspects of the awards and affiliated IMPART events.


Since introducing the Prize in 2017, Art Outreach has sustained it annually through fundraising, supporting 18 winners over the past 6 editions.

Honourable Mentions

This category was introduced for the first time in 2021 as an acknowledgement of the high quality of applications received, and is intended to recognise and encourage practitioners of great promise who are coming into their own.


Salty Xi Jie Ng (Artist)

Clara Che Wei Peh (Curator)

Ian Tee (Curator)

Kent Chan (Artist)

Deborah Lim (Curator)
Seet Yun Teng (Curator)
Samantha Yap (Curator)


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