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Catch-up with 2019 IMPART Awards Winners

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We sat down with IMPART Awards Winners Yanyun Chen, Priyageetha Dia and Kimberly Shen as they share their takeaways from winning the IMPART Awards, as well as their highlights from the winners' NYC learning trip in 2019!

Dr. Yanyun Chen runs a charcoal-based drawing, animation and installation practice, and her works delve into the aesthetic, cultural and technological inheritances on one's body and unravels fictional and philosophical notions on embodiment. She researches cultural wounds, dowry traditions, hereditary scars, philosophies of nudities, and etymology. Some of her recent works include 'Women in Rage', 'Stories of a Woman and her Dowry', ''The Scars that Write Us' and 'Skinning Nudity and Flower Flights'.

Priyageetha's practice leans towards site-specific installations, and her research stems into bridging banality of lived spaces and the act of subversion using gold mediums. She is known for her public work ‘The Golden Staircase’ in 2017, and more recently, her solo exhibition at Art Porters, ‘the earth and her skin’.

Kimberly Shen is a curator, arts practitioner and educator based in Singapore. Her artistic practice is multifaceted in approach, situated at the intersection of text, image and performance, and drawn towards embodying pluralism in a mediation of feminine subjectivities. Over the past decade, she has presented curatorial projects at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Film, OH! Open House, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and curated major solo exhibitions by local artists Kray Chen, Susie Wong and Priyageetha Dia.

Applications are now open for the IMPART Awards 2021. Apply before the deadline on 16 October 2020.

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