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The ARTery

Amid the unexpected cancellation of the anticipated Art Stage Singapore fair scheduled at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre during Singapore Art Week 2019, a rapid response emerged in the form of The ARTery. This pop-up fair was organised in response to the abrupt cancelation, offering a supportive platform for affected exhibitors.

The primary objective of The ARTery was to extend a helping hand to those most impacted by the last-minute cancellation. The pop-up was organised within a tight timeframe, commencing from the evening of January 19. By January 22, the hall had been transformed to accommodate the participating exhibitors, who were promptly relocated and ready for showcase by January 23.

Fourteen exhibitors participated in The ARTery, seizing the opportunity to display their works and engage with the audience. Adding to the vibrant display, eight local collectors contributed to a Collectors’ Showcase, enriching the diverse array of offerings within the pop-up fair. This impromptu initiative not only filled the void left by the canceled fair but also provided a new avenue for both exhibitors and collectors to connect and share their passion for art within the dynamic backdrop of Singapore Art Week.

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