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Rita Mae Pettway

Housetop - Half Log Cabin variation quilt, 2015

Cotton and denim

215.9 x 241.3 cm

Rita Mae Pettway's quilt embodies the distinctive style of Gee's Bend, celebrated for their improvisational designs, vibrant colours, and geometric patterns. The community, located in Wilcox County, Alabama, is renowned for its quilting tradition, which symbolises resilience and creativity in African American art. Pettway's quilt features a traditional “housetop” pattern, which references aerial views of rooftops, but her unique interpretation employs concentric squares reminiscent of the government-built “Roosevelt” houses from the 1930s that are still home to many in Gee's Bend. Through her craftsmanship, remnants of cotton and denim fabric become a vibrant testament to the community's legacy and architectural history.

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