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Limited-edition crochet vessels and handwoven tapestries

About Art Encounters

Launched in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board in 2020, Art Encounters is a presentation series capturing the art-making process within repurposed shipping containers. Functioning as a mobile studio and gallery, the containers have travelled to unique sites all around Singapore, enlivening precincts with showcases of diverse artists and mediums. For its fourth edition from May to June 2021, Art Encounters spotlighted the wonderful world of textile art at Marina Central, with a pop-up free weaving studio and commissioned textile artworks. Read more about the fourth edition and the artists featured here.

In keeping with the exhibition’s focus on sustainability, this fundraiser invites you to take home limited-edition memorabilia from the exhibition! Choose from an array of crochet vessels featured in Kelly Limerick’s upcycled yarn bomb installation Vessels, or one-of-a-kind tapestries collectively woven by visitors on a traditional floor loom under the guidance of artist Natalia Tan.
All items are available for purchase under a pay-as-you-wish model, with proceeds going towards Art Outreach’s community outreach, education and public programmes.

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Vessels by Kelly Limerick

Vessels was a commissioned art installation by Kelly Limerick that transformed crochet items like baskets and sling pouches into a cluster of organic forms, to serve as an ornamental jacket for the containers. Each vessel was handmade by Kelly and her team of 87 volunteers, using 100% recycled Eco Solution Q Fibre Yarn generously sponsored by Shaw Contract Asia.

Approximate Dimensions

Small Bowl

13–18cm L x 13–18cm W x 7–9 H cm

Large Bowl

21–27cm L x 21–27cm W x 11–13 H cm


17–22cm L x 17–22cm W x 12–14cm H

Sling Bag

9–14cm L x 15–18cm W x 15-18cm H

13cm L x 8cm W x 2cm H

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Tapestries by Natalia Tan

These eclectic tapestries were collectively woven by visitors on a traditional floor loom in a pop-up free-weaving studio under the guidance of artist-curator Natalia Tan. Visitors were asked to weave their heartfelt wishes into the tapestry, which stands as a testament to the joy of weaving and the coming together of the community.


From displaying them on your wall to beautifying your living space as a table runner or sofa throw, the tapestries are multifunctional and have different patterns on them!

 *Selected pieces will be showcased in an upcoming exhibition and available to ship after January 2022

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