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Kelly Limerick


Kelly Limerick (b. 1991) is a Singaporean artist working primarily in crochet and knit. Having first picked up crochet in 1997 when she was 7 years old, she has stretched this traditional craft beyond predictable patterns and challenges the stigma of crochet being a ‘granny craft’.

Often freestyled without sketches, her creations range from soft sculptures to large-scale installations, which aim to provide immersive experiences by engaging the site.

Kelly's current line of enquiry concerns itself with formlessness in a medium that is inherently mathematical, uncovering the essence of things within chaos. Her recent explorations investigate abstract crochet forms unbound by geometrical parameters, harnessing the characteristics of different yarn fibres to execute undulating landscapes, sinuous organic forms and delicate latticework, drawing great inspiration from nature herself.

While pursuing technique by delving deep into crochet and its long history, her work aims to reframe this craft in contemporary times and question the relevance of slow art in a fast-paced society.

Kelly Limerick
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