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Bozo Bliss

Bozo Bliss

  • Length: 48"
  • Comes with metal stand (100cm height)

The fish-shaped puppets are hand carved by the Bozo people, a fishing tribe from Mali in West Africa. The fish ornaments are a spiritual tribute to Faro, the spirit of water in the Bozo tradition.

The decorative fish are sculpted in the wood, then hand-painted and hollowed to use as puppets and masks in processions or festivities. They can be found in all shapes and colors, and each fish puppet is a unique artistic creation.

This collection of fish puppets was previously displayed at Marina Bay Sands, and have been donated to Art Outreach for fundraising. Art Outreach is an IPC charity that promotes art accessibility and supports art practitioners.


Please consider bidding on a fish puppet to support the work we do, or even adding an donation to your purchase. Any donation amount on top of the bid price will be eligible for a 250% tax deduction (for Singapore individuals and corporate taxpayers). 

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