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IMPART Awards 2019 Finalists

We are proud to present our finalists for the 2nd edition of IMPART Awards.

5 Finalist Curators: 1. Tulika Ahuja 2. Kathleen Ditzig 3. Syed Muhammad Hafiz 4. Joella Qingyi Kiu 5. Kimberly Shen

10 Finalist Artists: 1. Yanyun Chen 2. Priyageetha Dia 3. Warren Khong 4. Fiona Koh 5. Weims Lai 6. Xin Li Lee 7. Zeharn Lim 8. Fiona Seow 9. Zen Teh 10 Ashley Yeo

One curator and two artists will be announce as winners. Winners will be revealed at the IMPART Awards Gala 2019 on 26 Jan at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.


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