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Fluid Spaces

The Starving Artists

Group Exhibition

15 – 19 Mar 2021, 11am –7pm

The Starving Artists is an initiative to support and create an inclusive community for underrepresented artists in Singapore. They have planned to set up a moving and flexible salon-style type of exhibition where members of The Starving Artists community or anyone in the art scene - especially underrepresented artists, can come in at any point in time during the week to showcase their works. This opportunity will enable the creation of alternative spaces and creating more ground-up initiatives for underrepresented artists in Singapore free of the restrictions that institutions and galleries usually have as a result of profit-driven goals.

About the Artist(s)

Rachel Loh (b. 1994, Singapore) is an artist exploring topics of the feminine, ideas of self as well as the psychological aspects of being. She is interested in creating lightness in emotions and topics that can be heavy, reflecting upon the encounters from a corporeal standpoint. Her recent work attempts to explore re-presentations of women through the use of self-portraits. She currently also works to support underrepresented artists in Singapore through her platform, The Starving Artists.


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