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Converging Biographies

Aryan Arora, Raghav Babbar, Divyam Raghunath, Kimberly Gloria Choi, Kevin Lau, Ahmad Anwar, Grace Foo

Group Exhibition

15 – 21 Jul 2021, 11am – 7pm

'Converging Biographies' is a group exhibition by 7 young artists, showcasing artworks of diverse mediums from art installations, paintings, photography and digital art. The exhibition reflects on the collapse of time and space within an individual's psyche as one deals with the physical solitude experienced during the lockdown in 2020.

About the Artist(s)

Ahmad Anwar(b.1996) is an artist based in Singapore. His current practice explores new methodologies in painting through abstraction, with a particular interest in the spaces and architecture of sporting activities, as something analogous to contemporary life and embedded within human nature, culture, community, and recreation. His paintings reimagine and flatten public spaces through line, colour, shape, geometry, and colour.

Ahmad Anwar is currently pursuing his part-time study at Murdoch University (Kaplan Singapore), majoring in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Antecedently, he graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with Diploma in Fine Arts. He has shown his works in group exhibitions with the Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore. Towards the end of his study, He was presented with the Winston Oh Travel Award in 2016 towards the end of his academic year.


Hi. I'm Aryan Arora, a visual artist based in Singapore. I prefer to paint bare, real, natural and uninhibited human emotions which when looked at, make the spectator feel, empathetic with the characters in my art. In a world which is full of pretentious people, hiding their real self and walking around wearing masks which aren't visible to the naked human eye; I attempt to bring real emotions and characters who aren't shameful to be mortal and to possess emotions.


As an artist, Raghav Babbar paints his emotions towards things he sees around him. An autobiographical work from which he discovers himself as an artist and develops a deeper connection with his subjects around him and those in his life. Humans are what he finds to best express his feelings on the canvas, allowing him to observe moods and personalities better. The subjects’ actions within moments usually give him the purest display of emotion possible, especially when they are alone. Capturing them in these moments and relaying them to the canvas establishes a connection between the individual and the artist. To him, painting is a discipline where it is easy for him to show how well he knows his subjects.


Kimberly was born and raised in the UK before moving to Hong Kong, then Singapore. Majored in Music, Fine Art and Visual Communication. Kimberly embraced her multi-cultural background and infused her work with traditional and modern techniques.


Also known as Kevin West, a photographer based in Singapore. Since 2007, with the thought of just holding a point and shoot camera, he eventually got selected by his teacher to be a voluntary photographer during his school days for a campaign called "The Million Smiles Project".

In 2009, he started picking up SLRs and his nation for photography began to materialise. HE took on jobs such as events, photojournalism and documentations. He honed his skills for photography with his keen eye for detail during the period and managed to capture the attention of his audience through his vision.

Kevin has participated in various group shows such as the VISIONS OFF CENTRE: New Fashion Photography Exhibition (2016) at LASALLE College of the Arts and M1 Singapore Fringe Festival (2018) at Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Film, which features 10 up-and-coming, Singapore-based artists of various discipline. He was also the recipient of the Singapore YFest PaperMoon Esplande-Artist of Appreciation Award (2010).


Originally from India, Divyam Raghunath is a fine artist based in Singapore, currently completing a BA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. Using canvas as an aide-memoire, each colour and brushstroke has significant meaning to him personally and figuratively. Divyam's art practice is concerned with perception and identity both personal and cultural. Whether using traditional canvas, found objects or performance art highlighting the corporal, all gestures and movements are ripe for use in his work. Changing the perception about art is his driving force.


Hello, I’m Grace. I am a graphic designer, writer, and artist. I strive to create work of value that resonates with humanity and its complicated, complex emotions. My expertise encompasses using strong brainstorming and research skills to produce meaningful visual and written content for print and the digital space.

By pushing through obstacles and venturing into meaningful projects, my aim is to create work of value and to pursue the endless possibilities of what lies beyond.

In my downtime, I can be seen binge reading classics, or at art shows writing customized typewritten poems for strangers.


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