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Cabin Fever

Sonorscape Collective featuring Chung Ee Yong, Jonelle, Raphael Tan, Chloe Lim Miranda

Group Exhibition

29 April - 7 May 2023, 11am - 7pm

"cabin fever." comprises of 2 projects, "soundscape of: moving cabins with bodies" and "it's a (wo)man's world; manspreading”. The exhibition touches on the exploration of adapting sound analysis into visual graphic art, and a photo collection of the gendered nature of public space in public transport.

“soundscape of: moving cabins with bodies”, examines the soundscapes of trains, moving cabins and passengers in the urban city of Singapore. Through data collection, weaving an audio waveform map of the train line and building an audiovisual understanding of the realised sonorities in the transport system, synthesised into art.

“it’s a (wo)man’s world; manspreading” is part of documenting the male presence in today’s society.
;manspreading is a collection surveying space being taken up on train seats in Singapore’s transport system, showing the lack of awareness of personal space and how it influences the postures and social behaviour of those affected. this study aims to raise social awareness of manspreading behaviours.

About the Artist(s)

sonorscape collective. seeks to bridge communities together using synthesised forms of arts, with music as the main vehicle to create new mediums of expression, by using the sounds in the urban landscape to create new sonic expressions to engage and inspire change in the local community.

Jonelle Lim:
Jonelle Lim is a composer and musician who draws inspiration from world affairs, nature, art and soundscapes. She develops her passion in music through collaboration with various art disciplines such as dance, theatre and film, and has done various interdisciplinary works and collaborations during her studies in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She has a passion for researching into the soundscapes of Singapore and cultivating a musical culture that is unique to Singapore’s cityscape.

Chloe Lim Miranda:
To Chloe, the camera is for capturing moments that moved her to stillness. Her photos comprise moments of pause; led by introspection, wonder, and the desire to capture beauty in one of its many forms.

Chung Ee Yong:
Ee Yong is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Music (BMus) Degree in Composition at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). His compositions range from solo instruments, chamber ensembles, choirs to large orchestral works. Inspired by various other art forms, nature and history, he explores various compositional techniques to broaden his skills. In 2018, his Saxophone quartet piece, Surge, was premiered in World Saxophone Congress, Croatia. For his musical excellence and diligence in his studies, Ee Yong was awarded the Royal College of Music Musical Excellence Award in July 2022.

Raphael Tan:
Raphael Tan is a motion graphics designer. Having graduated from motion graphics and broadcasting design at Nanyang Polytechnic, he is experienced in technical drawing, illustrating, video editing, 3D Design, and animation technology. From 2018, he created and animated screen visuals for National Day Parade 2018. He also worked with multiple advertising agency, theatre and production house to produce motion graphics work for clients such as Burger King, Watsons, DBS bank, Hi-5 and The LKY Musical. More recently, 2023, he ventured into sewing and sells his merchandise online.

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