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An Exhibition about Art

Goh Chun Aik

Solo Exhibition

22 to 31 December 2023, 11am to 7pm

Presenting a compelling solo exhibition that delves into the very heart of contemporary art, the artist offers a unique exploration that springs from a personal journey of discovery. Despite lacking formal artistic training, their initial years were dedicated to grappling with the enigma of contemporary art and their own relationship with it. This collection is an embodiment of their personal evolution.

The artist's creative odyssey began with a quest to decode the essence of contemporary art. Drawing from a range of viewpoints and dimensions within the art realm, they meticulously crafted a series of conceptual works aimed at addressing their initial queries about art. This expedition, intriguingly, only unveiled more queries, beckoning them to plunge deeper into the intricate layers of art's nature.

Marking a significant juncture, this exhibition stands as a checkpoint in the artist's ongoing rapport with art. Their involvement in the art industry, from their role within galleries to their presence as an exhibited artist, along with the initiation of diverse projects and interactions within the art community, has cultivated a unique perspective that guides their artistic exploration.

Structured into four distinct sets, the exhibition is a showcase of artworks that explore discrete facets of art. It contemplates the dynamic relationship between art and its audience, examines the complex fabric of art's exclusivity, and dissects the profound impact of context on the interpretation of art.

Visitors are invited to join in this immersive journey through the realm of contemporary art. The exhibition serves as a reflection of the artist's progression – from wrestling with fundamental queries to embracing the rich, multifaceted world of art. As observers navigate the intricate nuances of art and introspection, the artist's aspiration is to spark dialogues, introspection, and novel perspectives that resonate far beyond the gallery space.

About the Artist(s)

Based in Singapore, Goh Chun Aik is interested in the human mind and how we perceive the world. He believes that reality is built upon perceptions. Trained in psychology, he engages with art as a form of self-expression and a platform for the exchange of narratives and ideas.

His practice strives to investigate our relationships with each other, with art, and with the world; and does so through extended observation of what is visible and ruminating on what lies beneath the surface. Goh works mainly in image-making but aims to utilise any form of presentation that best expresses an idea.

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