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Colin Wan

General Manager & Chief Creative

Colin serves as the General Manager and Chief Creative at Art Outreach, where his commitment as a volunteer since 2007 reflects his dedication to the arts. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NTU, his multifaceted interests have imbued his work with a unique blend of problem-solving capabilities and creative insight. Within his dynamic role at Art Outreach, Colin navigates a diverse spectrum of responsibilities, overseeing crucial facets such as marketing, social media management, photography, video production, design, and strategic administration of HR and finance operations. Prior to this role, he spent 7 years collaborating with corporate entities and non-profit organisations, lending his expertise to an array of graphic design, photography, and videography projects.

Colin's earlier professional experience encompasses providing bespoke IT consultancy services to a diverse clientele, showcasing his innate adaptability and versatility across various professional landscapes. His notable involvement as the co-founder and director of Spinworkx, a specialized yo-yo store, led him to create custom training programs tailored for schools and local communities. His impact within the local yo-yo community is further evidenced by his instrumental role in organising the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships since 2003, attracting participants from over 13 countries. He is recognised for his leadership and mentoring endeavors within the Singapore Street Festival.

Colin Wan
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