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Lewis / 哪吒 naughty boy

Lewis / 哪吒 naughty boy

哪吒 naughty boy, 2023

Ceramic and fabric

40cm x 33 x 17 cm



哪吒与他的青鸾火凤 Nezha and his Astras: Wind Pheasant and Fire Phoenix


The artist's exquisite sculptural work is an exquisite addition to the mural, bringing to life the legendary Nezha, an iconic figure in Chinese mythology. Here, Nezha is adorned in his traditional 肚兜 (traditional Chinese infant's undershirt), a symbol of his origin.


Two remarkable sculpted figures accompany Nezha, the mythical birds known as 青鸾火凤 (Wind Pheasant and Fire Phoenix). In Nezha's tale, these celestial creatures undergo a transformation into formidable weapons: 风火轮 (wind fire wheels), that amplify his movement speed and grant him the power of flight. This unique interpretation draws inspiration from the modern portrayal of these magical entities, often likened to blazing roller skates, a vibrant depiction that has found its place in popular culture and television.

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