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Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #08

Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #08

Open Edition


Please note that crop placement may vary from the actual print.


  • Printed on archival Giclée Fine Art paper for lasting quality
  • Prints come with a white border 


The processing time for open edition prints is expected to be in the range of 7 - 10 working days. We appreciate your patience as our sustainable, made-to-order approach takes a little extra time, but ensures the highest quality for your print.


蛤蜊仔与虾兵 Clam & Prawn Foot Soldiers


In this charming depiction, the "Clam & Prawn Foot Soldiers" come to life, each with its own story and symbolism. The clam, a traditional symbol of good fortune in business, holds a kendama, an ancient skill toy that underlines its auspicious connotations. Accompanying the clam is a prawn, a creature that signifies happiness and laughter in Chinese culture.


However, the prawn bears a unique narrative. It carries a little child who appears to be sipping from a straw inserted into the prawn's body. This striking image is a direct reference to the artist's own life experiences, particularly his time as a fishmonger. As an artist who took on various part-time roles to support his creative pursuit, he became intimately acquainted with the world of seafood.


The child seemingly drawing vitality from the prawn through the straw holds a profound meaning. It's a poignant allusion to the parasites or isopods often found attached to crustaceans. These small parasites are typically removed from seafood before they are sold, ensuring the purity of the product. In this context, the child symbolises the relationship between artists and their day-to-day jobs, where the pursuit of art can sometimes drain vitality but also invigorate one's spirit.


This unexpected juxtaposition not only portrays the vitality and resilience of artists but also serves as a commentary on the unseen, often overlooked aspects of the work we do. The "Clam & Prawn Foot Soldiers" symbolise the duality of life's challenges and rewards, offering a multi-layered narrative that resonates with viewers. As they grace the mural, these characters inspire contemplation of the complex interplay between tradition, symbolism, and contemporary experience. It's a testament to the artist's ability to infuse his work with profound personal insight, bridging the gap between his creative calling and his everyday life.

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