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Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #18

Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #18

Open Edition


Please note that crop placement may vary from the actual print.


  • Printed on archival Giclée Fine Art paper for lasting quality
  • Prints come with a white border 


The processing time for open edition prints is expected to be in the range of 7 - 10 working days. We appreciate your patience as our sustainable, made-to-order approach takes a little extra time, but ensures the highest quality for your print.


蛤蟆精与虾兵 Toad Sprite & Prawn Foot Soldier


Within the mural, two enchanting characters emerge in the form of "Toad Sprite & Prawn Foot Soldier." These whimsical creatures bring forth a delightful fusion of symbolism, weaving together elements of wealth, prosperity, happiness, and laughter.


The toad, a classic symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture, carries a gourd brimming with wine, emblematic of abundance and the fulfilment of desires. It's a nod to the toad's association with prosperity, offering a lighthearted take on traditional symbolism.


In charming contrast, the prawn, a symbol of happiness and laughter, comes armed with an arsenal of dining utensils. These comical implements serve as an intriguing play on the prawn's jovial symbolism, presenting it as a true gourmet and a lover of all things culinary.


Together, "Toad Sprite & Prawn Foot Soldier" epitomise the pleasures of indulgence, reminding us that joy and prosperity often go hand in hand. The pairing of these unlikely companions adds a touch of whimsy and surprise to the mural, highlighting the rich tapestry of symbolism found within Chinese culture.


As they stand side by side in the mural, these characters invite viewers to explore the myriad facets of Chinese symbolism, where even the most traditional emblems can take on new life in the hands of artistic interpretation. It's a testament to the artist's ability to harmonise tradition and modernity, offering a delightful and thought-provoking work of art.

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