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Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #13

Lewis / A Stoical Pursuit #13

Open Edition


Please note that crop placement may vary from the actual print.


  • Printed on archival Giclée Fine Art paper for lasting quality
  • Prints come with a white border 


The processing time for open edition prints is expected to be in the range of 7 - 10 working days. We appreciate your patience as our sustainable, made-to-order approach takes a little extra time, but ensures the highest quality for your print.


八脚将军 General Octopus


Intriguing and resourceful, the "General Octopus" emerges as a symbol of intelligence and adaptability. In this captivating portrayal, this multi-limbed marvel embodies qualities of industriousness and versatility, showcasing the diverse talents of this remarkable creature.


While "General Octopus" might be a silent hero, busy and diligent, it also alludes to the Chinese idiom 手忙脚乱, which translates to "frantically busy" or "in a flurry of activity." Despite the whirlwind of action, the octopus stands as an unsung hero, working tirelessly behind the scenes.


In a surprising twist, the artist chose not to depict the octopus with a traditional weapon befitting a general. Instead, the octopus is found peeling a piece of fruit with a ubiquitous pen knife, a common tool in an artist's toolkit. This choice bridges the realm of warfare with the realm of artistry, emphasising the versatility of the octopus.


The pen knife symbolises not only the act of creation but also the harmony between seemingly disparate roles. It's a nod to the artist's world, where the most unexpected tools can craft beauty, much like the octopus's ability to navigate the depths of the sea with grace and cunning.


"General Octopus" is a tribute to the unsung heroes of both the natural world and the artistic realm, embodying the spirit of adaptability and the powerful fusion of traditional myth and modern creativity. It serves as a testament to the ingenuity that underlies the narrative of the mural, where symbolism and subtlety convey deeper meanings and harmonise the old with the new.

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