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When Sediment Sinks

Huijun Lu, Xiaogong Ce & Joscelin Chew

Group Exhibition

20 - 28 Jul 2024, 11am to 7pm

When Sediment Sinks considers how artworks can trace and map phenomena taking place through time. These phenomena can be as common as the gesture of walking, as unwitnessable as rock formation, or as minute as evaporation.

The exhibition features past and new works by Xiaocong Ge, Huijun Lu and Joscelin Chew, across the mediums of video, photography, ink painting, embroidery and kinetic installation. Consistent in the works is an attempt to record and encapsulate a past occurrence and bring it into the present, and to harness this process to enrich the final work.

About the Artist(s)

Huijun Lu
Working at the intersections of art, music, engineering and computing, the practice of Huijun Lu culminates in kinetic installations, sculptures, moving images and soundscapes. Consistent in the works are mechanisms and circuits that the artist devises and builds to examine the function and utility of objects and observations about the unnoticed in our surrounding environments. Lu has held solo exhibitions, approximations (dblspce, Singapore, 2023) and loop / pool (The Esplanade, Singapore, 2022), and participated in numerous group shows including Acknowledging Intuition [AI] (Waterloo Street, Singapore, 2024), Between the Living and the Archive (Gillman Barracks, Singapore, 2021) and ON/OFF/SCREEN (DECK, Singapore, 2021). Lu is currently a resident at the Singapore Art Museum from April to September 2024.

Ge Xiaocong
Ge Xiaocong's practice seeks to examine potential narratives and underlying contradictions through still life and objects. Her works reveal the cultural and societal frameworks subtly reflected within the materiality of her mediums. In her creative process, she manipulates different materials to harness their poetic potential, generating tension by contrasting their physical properties with their form. Natural processes undergone by materials narrate the relationship between objects or surfaces and their surroundings, consequently reflecting a certain connection between ourselves and our environment.

Ge recently completed her residency under the K11 Group x ArtReview Artist-in-Residence Programme. She was also shortlisted for The Warden’s Prize 2018 in Goldsmiths, University of London, and was awarded the Highly Commendable Award in the 31st United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award Youth Section.

Joscelin Chew
oscelin Chew’s interest lies in the concept of psychogeography, deep topography and the practice of walking. She explores the experience of the walking disrupted by the medium format camera, which serves as a mediating device between the image and the experience. Her practice explores ways of looking at images, the visual culture of aerial views, the interplay between drawing and photography, as well as notions of abstraction. Text assumes an important role at times, in raising questions with regards to the concept of 'place'.

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