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Group Exhibition

10 – 19 Sep 2021

NAIKAN is an art collective brought together by four artists, Shen Jia Qi, Janice Lum, Chen Min Suen and Erman Ashburn. Works from the collective are research studies and artistic practices that investigate the intersection between art and everyday life in Singapore. ‘Emit, Time’ is an art installation that activates spaces to engage audiences to investigate the various narratives of individuals within our urban space.

About the Artist(s)

Shen Jiaqi is a Singaporean artist who works with the mediums of painting and installation. Her practice examines themes of boundaries, culmination of routines, along with environmental and social constraints. Through her practice, she seeks to explore the internalisation of subconscious yearning for sanctuary within the urban environment of Singapore.

Jiaqi studied painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, and Visual Art and Drama education in the National Institute of Education in 2015. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her works have been part of public showcases in Plural Art Magazine’s Our Heartlands, National Arts council’s Streets of Hope, and National Gallery Singapore’s Light Up event. Her most recent solo exhibition, ‘Ever-Were’ was held in Cuturi Gallery in 2021, and her first solo show ‘Comfort Zones’ was held at Coda Culture gallery in 2020. Group exhibitions include New Beginnings at Cuturi gallery (2020), 44th Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Show at The Arts house (2019), and Art Bounties at National Library Singapore (2015).


I have an interdisciplinary practice, working across painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. I incorporate paint and materials such as fabric, acetate, cotton stuffing and text to produce soft sculptures, and relational artworks. I am inspired by my everyday experiences with my immediate environment and people, and my connections to these people.

My work may appear to be playful and colourful but it ultimately wants to encourage views to pause and slow down to look at the
ideas on display. Ideas on how an art object can help to generate new and different perspective or an ordinary objects or text can stimulate imagination and have a life on its own.

Janice is a Singaporean artist who was working as a marketing professional, a certified coach and currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts with GoldSmiths University of London. She has exhibited at Collective Consciousness @The Art House, 2015, Festival @ the fort,2018 by the National Arts Council; PomeranPoskad; 2018/2020; community wall mural painting at Kebun Baru Community Centre, 2018 and Slade Summer School London Group Show: Progressive Painting: Ideas, Strategies and Solutions, 2019.


Min Suen is an artist who works with the idea of cycle and impermanence. Her research focus lies in the study of impermanent aesthetics in everyday life. Featuring the practice of mindfulness in each passing moment, Min Suen’s art practice utilizes the plant fibers found in dietary events as the object of her ritualistic contemplation. While her art practice aims at the revelation of aesthetic potentials underlying the daily elements, it also gives a cue for a temporary detachment from the humdrum perception of everyday life.

In 2020, Min Suen graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a BA degree in Philosophy. Her current art practice is motivated by her previous research in the Nietzschean aesthetics during her undergraduate study. Interested in finding an alternative to the mundane perception towards life, she then decided to pursue a master’s degree in Fine Arts. Min Suen is now studying for her MA in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.


is an educator and a visual artist whose practice explores the complex relationships in Singapore’s youth culture. Looking primarily at school-going teenagers, Erman considers their psyche and aspirations in relation to the ideals of meritocracy and social mobility in the Singapore city-state. Their sense of isolation, disenfranchisement and alienation will also be addressed. Erman has also worked on other projects that relate to social commentary. These include projects relating to Singapore’s diminishing bird-fighting community and sculptural pieces that explore the psyche, affluence and meritocratic ideals of youth in the Singapore city-state.

Captivated by youth culture, Erman has gathered and led a community of art educators to create artworks in Singapore with youths since 2011. Recent exhibitions and community art outreach projects include Project Adam at Adam Road Hawker Centre (2015), Embracing Diversity in Unity at Jurong Regional Library (2016), Project Synthesis at Jalan Bahar Clay Studio (2017) and By The Minute at HortPark (2018).


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