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Tan Hui Ru, Fazera Makrof, Edmund Kerk, Amisha Prakash

Group Exhibition

19 – 25 Aug 2021, 11am–7pm

A team of fresh graduates from Lasalle College of the Arts have banded together to showcase the works that they have made during the pandemic. This exhibition allows these 4 artists namely, Tan Hui Ru, Amisha Prakash, Fazera Makrof and Edmund Kerk to showcase their unique practices centering around themes such as identity, emotions, senses and notion of self.

About the Artist(s)

Graduating Diploma student in LASALLE College of the Arts, majoring in Fine Arts. As a creative individual who explores and engages in various art practices since young, I am well equipped in my technical skills, as well as my conceptualisation of ideas. Specialising in painting as my major, I utilise my artistic vision in that expertise and execute it in other aspects such as graphic design, photography, filmmaking, and other media related fields.


My past art education and past career roles have helped me develop a firm foundation in task management and art related roles. I have a strong interest in curating and being part of collaborative projects as well.


Art educator with experience teaching Student, Artist children between ages 5 - 16 years of age. Student artist and sculptor specialised in clay, plaster and resin. Has been involved in multiple charitable organisations and events. Enjoys learning and gaining experience in different fields.


Tan Hui Ru (b.2000, Singapore) is a graduating Fine Arts diploma student, majoring in Painting at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her inspiration is mainly drawn from a fascination with her reflection, and she embraces a hedonistic approach towards her artistry. Her artworks give her viewers a glimpse into her perception of 'mundane' life. She mainly works with oil paintings and illustrations, as well as regularly experiments with mixed mediums.

She began painting in secondary school, continued to practice different mediums in her arts elective and has pursued her love for painting throughout her tertiary education.

Her current educational institution has cultivated her passion for painting and helped her develop a specific preference for making artworks based on herself, reflecting aspects of her sense of self as well as her experiences.


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