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Then Now Then

Cheryl Chiw

Solo Exhibition

30 Apr – 8 May 2022, Tue – Sat: 1 – 7pm, Sun: 1 – 5pm

An exploration of opposing states and all that lie in-between. what was then, what is now and what will then be are all at once meshed in repeating cycles of form-formlessness.

Returning to the unfamiliar. by way of her chosen materials - metal detritus, rust, iron oxides and the invisible yet omnipresent forces of magnetism, gravity and conscious will - the artist attempts to construct and deconstruct the transitory.

“then now then” is also the title of cheryl’s present work-in-transition, an experiment over the course of this exhibition. working within the space, relying on serendipity to guide her towards momentary conclusions to capture in virtual perpetuity.

About the Artist(s)

Cheryl Chiw ( b.1970, singapore ) is an interdisciplinary artist and creative director. she makes sculptures, installations and video art with detritus
and iron oxide, working with the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity. she is exploring the precariousness of forms, the subjectivity of value and the perception of in-between states. often allowing serendipity to guide her process, her works invite one to relook at the imperfections of things and the transience of their meanings.

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