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the in-between

Mirror Art Duo

Duo Exhibition

27 – 28 Mar 2021, 11am – 8pm

‘the in-between’ is a strange space, fraught with ambiguities and uncertainty. What really lies between you and me, then and now, who we were and who we are going to be?

The space for personal and collective reflection opened up by Covid needs no belabouring - most of us were subject to the uncomfortable silence imposed by lockdown, or had our lives upturned in unexpected ways. Yet moments of anxious uncertainty can also offer the frail silver linings of greater clarity and purpose. 

‘the in-between’ is an exhibition birthed out of such a space.

Combining daily observations, personal reflection and a re-thinking of old means of expression, we have salvaged what is relevant of the old and sought to inscribe them into the new. May our paintings speak louder than our words, and be a good accompaniment on your own journey from past to future in a never-ending now.

About the Artist(s)

Founded in 2017, MIRROR is an artist duo made up of Isabella Teng Yen Lin (SG) and Pierre Pourville (FR). They draw from dream material, relying on free association and intuition to create their colourful, collaborative paintings.

Isabella Teng Yen Lin has been active as a professional visual artist for the last decade, organising and participating in solo and group shows both in Singapore and overseas. In her early years of practice, Isabella focused largely on anamorphic artwork, creating interactive 3-D illusion works that engaged the public in popular programmes such as OH! Open House Marine Parade (2011), Esplanade’s Flipside Carnival (2013), and in NAC’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood programme, where she brought her delightful installations to members of the public.

In the past four years, since co-founding MIRROR Art Duo with fellow artist Pierre Pourville, painting has stepped to the forefront as the duo seek to explore the pathways of intuition through their collaborative practice. In her individual practice, Isabella aims to marry the reality-shifting illusions of anamorphic art with the convincing realism of traditional painting, reaching for an art that can uplift through provoking paradigm shifts.

A life spent in activism across 3 different continents and 5 different countries has developed in Pierre a deep compassion for the varied and vast spectrum of human experiences across the globe. He has worked with international organisations on projects ranging from disaster-relief to refugee resettlement, supporting persons and communities in need. Today, as co-founder of MIRROR art duo, he advocates for creativity as a healing force in the world.

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