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DVET, Aryel, monkey mind

Group Exhibition

5 - 14 August 2022, Tue - Sun: 12.30pm - 7pm, Closed on Mondays

Live Performance: 6 & 13 Aug 2022, 7pm

Sound(ness) and Light(ness) is a two-part project that showcases the feeling of soundness and lightness through the interplay of sound and light, interactivity, perception, exhibition, and performance.

About the Artist(s)

Deepesh Vasudev
Deepesh Vasudev is a filmmaker and an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. Deepesh has worked on music videos, short films and advertisements. With experience from over 30 projects across 5 years, he brings an intense passion and a breadth of creativity to every film. This commitment has garnered him 6 awards and 14 official selections.

Trained as a classical guitarist In Conservatoire de Strasbourg- France aryel develops in early 2000’s a solo career in the Indie pop world making a whole universe of sonic sounds and voices with loopers. On his way he meets with the French touch movement and releases his first electro-pop album Free your mind in 2005 with compilations
distributed in 26 countries and 2 video clips on MTV. In 2005 aryel leaves for Switzerland where he co-produces the Paris Jakarta Express album for indonsesian pop star TomPi
and wins the Best World Music Album AMI Award 2010. Meanwhile he pursues with his personal projects One step forward to freedom and Album III coming back to his very unique ethereal universe between pop song and experimental music. Living in Singapore since 2016 and always fascinated with movies he scores web series documentaries and short movies. In 2020 in times of Covid he produces the One minute of Good Vibes a week series where he challenges himself to produce a video each week of 2020 - the equivalent of 4 albums in a year- in a happy pop-electro style renewing with his French touch influences. Then in a need to counterbalance he takes a 180 degrees turn and creates in 2021 a new project called LYRICIZ’D in which he takes classic music masterpieces and turn them to songs in a very peculiar way. Both last projects can be watched on his YouTube channel aryelvideos. Always eager to experiment with images he appeared on stage with a contemporary dance company at Esplanade Theatre ( Singapore) creating sonic sounds live based on experimental videos.

themonkeymind is a project which focuses on ambient electronic music for commercial release , and also composing bespoke film soundtracks for independent film makers.
We also make music and sounds available for download, supporting film makers to understand the importance of music to film. Based in Singapore, themonkeymind has built a reputation for evocative music, memorable soundtracks and interesting sounds. several of the films have been selected for film festivals and received awards in competition.

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