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Songbird Trade

Sofiya Shukhova


17 – 24 Sep 2020

Wildlife artist and conservationist Sofiya Shukhova used the HEARTH space to rework her sketches and linocuts into large-scale paintings as a continuation of her ongoing project about the Asian Songbird Crisis. Demand for the songbird drives many species to extinction leaving the forest silent. Hundreds of thousands of birds are caught from the wild in Indonesia to fuel both: local and international trade. A traditional Javanese saying “A real man has a wife, a horse, a house, a dagger and a songbird” highlights one of the reasons behind the high local demand. The research shows that the international songbird trade is doubtfully less devastating.

Sofiya's project aims to study songbird trade, its tackling strategies and solutions, and to translate them using art media. She hopes that her artworks will help to bring attention to the illegal and unsustainable Asian songbird trade. Some pieces from this series will be exhibited in the Timiryazev Museum of Biology in Moscow, Russia in Q4 2021.

About the Artist(s)

Sofiya Shukhova is a Russian-born Singapore-based wildlife artivist and conservationist. Using her art, she urges public attention to less known, less covered conservation topics. Both education and work experience in conservation help Sofiya to be at 'the heart' of wildlife protection, making her art all the more powerful.


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