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Elisa Ang

Solo Exhibition

22 – 29 Sep 2021
(closed on 26 September 2021), 1 - 7pm

Local artist, Elisa Ang, has witnessed how people buy, consume, and dispose of things without a second thought on how waste affects the environment. It sparked her interest to incorporate common household waste materials into works of art using printmaking. Through this initiative, she invites visitors to participate in a hands-on printmaking activity to see the possibilities of reusing waste materials.

About the Artist(s)

I am a mixed media artist. I like to sketch with a pen and paint in watercolor as they are portable, and enable me to freely express the beauty of this world. I also started to explore printmaking particularly monoprint, intaglio and relief print. I find the process and outcome interesting and exciting. I enjoy making the best use of “throwable” stuffs and turn them into something valuable to encourage others to savor its beauty.

On making art, it is essential to do it often to train those creative muscles. Aside from books and online resources, what I find most helpful is the connections that I have made with other artists through participation in various creative activities.


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