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Renew Earth Sweatshop

Post Museum & Veronyka Lau

Community and Participatory Art Project

18 – 30 Nov 2020

Renew Earth Sweat Shop is a community and participatory art project reacting to the environmental impact and labour conditions linked to the global fashion industry.

The story of clothes is a big part of the globalised economy that has a myriad of issues that reveal the dark side of globalisation. With each stop in the global life cycle of clothes, there appears to have little or no relationship with other phases of this cycle. How can we start to solve a global problem locally?

The everyday action of clothing oneself is not only an action of utility or style. The act – that choice – connects us to a larger often invisible world of people who make the clothes, who distributes the clothes, who collects the clothes at the end of its life cycle and who must deal with the discarded clothes as an unrelenting monstrous whole resulting from all everyday actions.

About the Artist(s)

Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space in Singapore which aims to encourage and support a thinking and pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people.

A ground-up project initiated by Singaporean curatorial team p-10, Post-Museum aims to respond to its location and community as well as serve as a hub for local and international cultures.


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