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Open Offering 1

About to Ask

Solo Exhibition

16 - 24 March 2024, 11am to 7pm

Somewhere in Kent Ridge, a tree creeps toward a precious serving of open sky. Its branches gently swoop into a footpath below, as if reaching out to the people passing by. In response, a shed was made as an open offering back to the tree. By providing shelter, seats and mosquito repellent, the hope was that passersby would spend more time with this tree and form some kind of bond with it.
This exhibition centres around reconstructing this shed in the [hearth] art space, an act of re-spatializing the tree- shed relationship. This is an open invitation for others to partake in this ongoing relationship, and in the process, to share the joy of connecting with members of urban nature. To this extent, the exhibition comprises 3 main parts. The first part is an exhibition of the shed, accompanied by a showcase of the fortnightly documentation done over the course of 45 weeks. The shed’s leaf-littered surroundings will undergo a sort of recreation, with the help of willing visitors who may hole-punch “leaflets” out of cardboard. These “leaflets” constitute a base material for the final part of the offering -- compost for the tree. The last part is a workshop held by Feelers which centres itself around drawing trees.

About the Artist(s)

About to Ask is a project group. It is driven primarily by questions that probe the overlapping territories of architecture, design and art. The group offers responses to these questions based on its foundations of imagination, experimentation, testing and dialogue. Responses may come in many scales and forms, ranging from sheds, drawings, sculptures, building proposals, signboards, pavilions, and everything in between.

John Chew Geronimo Jr has spent the past few years as an architecture student. In his work, he experiments with the many tools he has collected over these years: ways of seeing and charting the world, methods of production and representation, as well as the experience of making physical, usually inhabitable, things. He is interested in understanding the role of architecture and art in imagining alternatives to the prevailing nature/culture dichotomy that seems to organize our lives and minds. He is the lead collaborator of About to Ask.

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