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Native Nesters

Ripple Root

Duo Exhibitiion

10 - 19 November 2023, 11am to 7pm

This exhibition explores the intricate harmony between native flora, fauna, and the concept of nesting. Witness the seamless integration of migrating birds with local creatures, symbolizing unity and coexistence within our diverse ecosystem.

Delve into the historical context of domestic life at Gillman Barracks, where the motifs of traditional Peranakan shophouses come to life. Unearth their role in shaping our cultural heritage, and gain a deeper understanding of the significance they hold.

Engage with "The Nest," an interactive installation designed to encourage community participation. Contribute your own paper cut-outs to create a collective tapestry of memories, shared stories, and a sense of togetherness.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and nostalgic undertones of the artworks, each a celebration of home. Marvel at the intricate details that bring native treasures and architectural motifs to life, infusing each piece with a sense of joy and familiarity.

About the Artist(s)

Ripple Root is the artist moniker of Estella Ng and Liquan Liew. They make collaborative, carefree works reflecting themes of nature and wildlife. There is an element of simple naiveté in their treatment – calling forth poetry in the raw, pure and irreverent.

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