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Lost in Transition

Joshua Tan

Open Studio

6 – 7 Mar 2021, 10am – 6pm

As a continuation of Tan’s recent body of work created in UK, ‘The Borderlands of Belonging’, where he examines his personal relationship with hidden losses as an adult Third Culture Kid. The HEARTH space provides the opportunity for the artist to continue his exploration in new forms.

The project will consist of a 5-day residency period and 2- day mini exhibition that will be opened to the public.

About the Artist(s)

A qualified art psychotherapist and adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) born in Singapore, Josh is a former graphic designer and art facilitator for children and persons with special needs.

Trained at the University of Derby’s MA Art Therapy programme, he has completed several placements with England’s National Health Service (NHS) in community mental health settings across the Midlands, providing individual art therapy for children, adolescents and adults.

A two-time TEDx speaker, Josh is particularly passionate about accessible art and the cross-cultural experience. His clinical interests include trauma, neurodiversity and working with diverse populations.


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