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Liu Liling

Solo Exhibition

17 - 26 Mar 2023
11am - 7pm

Horizon is a series of inkjet prints that draw upon observations of the sky at various times of the day. While some are monochromatic, others appear as gradients- hues of colours layered upon one another, each spotting a pockmark, smudge, or streak. The works serve as a starting point for how I choose to engage with the photographic medium, expanding on more self-reflective aspects of the image-making process, highlighting variables behind its construction rather than the depiction of the subject matter photographed.

Using a large format printer as an artistic tool, the images were built from solid planes of colour by halting and repeating the printing process to achieve depth and saturation. The accumulation in layers of one source image takes an hour to produce on average, in turn extending the duration taken to produce a printed surface in contrast to the immediacy of modern technology.

Over time, certain resulting images hold visual qualities that can be extended into three-dimensional forms such as acrylic objects, and light boxes, hinting at the potential of a surface as the building block for ways to experience an image.

About the Artist(s)

Liu Liling (b.1993) works with the photographic image, her background in painting informing her practice and interest in layering colours and textures. Through her process-oriented practice, Liu is interested in exploring ideas of duration present in a static form, employing methods of erasure and repetition as approaches to the picture plane. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (First class Honours). Recent exhibitions include 'LHLLL' (2022) at Mizuma Gallery Singapore and ‘Something Similar’ (2021) at starch.

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