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Homecoming: 浪子回头,十年不晚, The Vagrant's Return is Never Too Late

Kim Whye Kee, with curatorial support by John Tung

Solo Exhibition

8 - 11 February 2024, 11am to 8pm

Homecoming: 浪子回头,十年不晚, The Vagrant's Return is Never Too Late featuring ceramics artist Mr. Kim Whye Kee. This exhibition celebrates Mr. Kim's artistic journey and personal transformation from a troubled past to a figure of communal inspiration.

Approaching 44, Mr. Kim, having invested his all in pottery, returns to Taman Jurong, his formative ground, to present a collection crafted from rare Singapore Clay, symbolizing the preciousness of diminishing resources amidst urbanization.

This exhibition, displaying over 300 handmade ceramics, marks Mr. Kim's return to teapot and coffee dripper craftsmanship, complementing his famous teacups and gaiwans. It also premieres an array of tea accessories, including water kettles, caddies, and vases, showcasing his expansion in ceramic arts.

Central to this event is Universe in a Teacup, a participatory tea experience that earned acclaim at the Substation's Re-connect/Centre/Converge festival in 2022. This experience is a testament to Mr. Kim's dedication to fostering mindfulness and community through the shared ritual of tea.

- John Z. W. Tung
Curator for Homecoming

About the Artist(s)

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