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Singapore Indian Theatre and Film Explorers (SITFE)


26 – 29 Oct 2020

SITFE will use the space to film and produce a series of bilingual monologues by 10 actors on the theme of “FIGHT”, which will be released online in early 2021.

About the Artist(s)

The SINGAPORE INDIAN THEATRE & FILM EXPLORERS LTD also known as S.I.T.F.E. is a non-profit organization that educates & empowers individuals with knowledge and essential tools to produce, act in or direct films & theatre productions. The enterprise provides platforms to showcase an individual's creative potential and hidden talents, paving opportunities for employment, life-long learning and skills development.

Our social goals include targeting social beneficiary groups such as ex-offenders and disadvantaged youths to improve their lives and promote their growth as individuals by giving them the opportunities to integrate back into the society via creative projects in the arts and media industries. Our objectives also include: providing our target groups with safe and credible platforms to learn about film and theatre productions; creating an environment to develop the beneficiaries' confidence, self-respect and will power; and providing employment opportunities for sustaining a livelihood.

Created in April 2016 by Saleem Hadi, S.I.T.F.E was formed to address the needs of individuals looking for opportunities to showcase their artistic talents; create professional portfolios; network with like- minded and goal- oriented individuals; and address social needs and challenges as a social enterprise. The Arts have a proven record as a therapeutic form for individuals who have been in a constrictive or troubled environment. Using the Arts as a pedagogical tool, S.I.T.F.E aims to unlock potentials of people and impart a sense of authority and pride in one's own abilities; thus, making them responsible citizens.

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