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distracting distracted distraction

Anuska Sarkar, Arrvinraj Balasubramaniam, Nur Khairunnisa, Soon Xiao Qi, Thanchanog Ho Mai Chin

Group Exhibition

13 - 22 May 2022, 11am - 7pm

‘distracting distracted distraction’ is a group exhibition led by five emerging artists whose thematic concerns coincide with exploring the relationship between the self and their perceived realities. Employing diverse media from painting, prints, photography, sculpture, projection, mixed media to installation, this exhibition ventures across the realm of consciousness, virtuality, physicality and escapism situated in a rapidly changing world. This series of works will uncover the conflict between the inner and the external world of time, the ego, the tangible and the intangible, existential queries, and the product of the self from social construct.

About the Artist(s)

Anuska Sarkar
Anuska graduated from University of Central Lancashire with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.
She is a practicing artist based in Singapore. She is predominantly a painter whose works are a contemporary extension of the movement of Surrealism. She is drawn by the uninhibited nature of the subconscious mind in comparison to the aware self.

Arrvinraj Balasubramaniam
Arrvin uses art as a tool for in-depth exploration of self-identification. He grew up in an environment of diverse cultures, mainly Chinese and Indian and this has influenced many of his art explorations. His practice revolves around themes such as social phenomena, social psychology, interpersonal relationships and the changes or loss of traditional cultural factors.

Nur Khairunnisa
Khairunnisa Aziz born and raised in Singapore, dreams that the audience will be able to see through the artist’s eyes. She believes that the natural simplicity of life can bring about meaning and purpose. Her inspiration varies from her life and the phenomenon occurring in her surroundings. This brought about different interpretations that can be seen through her works.

Soon Xiao Qi
Soon Xiao Qi (b.2000) is an individual that explores the relationship between self and the environment, through the historical tales and experiences from one’s socio- background, to evoke nostalgia through sometimes unfiltered imageries. Essentially, her practice also revolves around with the exploration of the human interaction and reality, forming different abstract perspective of personal tales that are seldom talked about.

Thanchanog Ho Mai Chin
Originally from Thailand, Thanchanog Ho Mai Chin is currently a multidisciplinary artist based in Singapore. Her citizenship renunciation and migration history have compelled her to work around the theme of identity. Traversing autobiography and memories, Mai Chin is intrigued to explore the notion of time, and consciousness employing light as the constant medium in her work.

Mai Chin has been involved in several virtual and physical exhibitions across Singapore and Europe. Recently, one of 'The City(e)scape' series was exhibited at 'It's Magic. A Beyond Experience' at Millepiani, Rome, Italy 2022. Her work 'Suburbia' video series was also shown at 'Mixing Identities', THE LINE London, England 2021, and subsequently recommended to 'Fragmented Identities' THE ROOM & Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy during the Venice Biennale 2021. Mai Chin's other latest work, 'go back to sleep' photography series was showcased at The Fluxus House, Singapore. Later it was published in 'Oblique' by Nanyang Academy of Fine Art 2020 and exhibited at Digital Chroma Virtual Gallery 2022.

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