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borrowed earth

Cheryl Chiw

Solo Exhibition

13 - 21 May 2023, 11am - 7pm

Allowing serendipity to guide my process, oscillating between the unconscious and the imaginary. I express it with metal detritus, iron oxide and the invisible forces that neodymium magnets wield. Exploring the precariousness of forms and the subjectivity of value and perception and in-between states. Tension and balance negotiating the form-formless equilibrium in the tripartite of surface, material and forces. I am confronted by the question: Is it the material that guides me or is it an interconnected relationship. What is the invisible force that materialises and reconfigures to another form?

The question “why metal”? often arises in conversations with viewers. Metal is seemingly impervious. I am drawn to the natural rusting ( iron oxide ) and textures on the metal surfaces. Iron oxide that is present is also in our bodies. I like the parallel that this draws. The rusting and degradation of the metals returning to source... back into earth from whence it came. Works existing in its form can easily be broken into formlessness held together by magnets or invisible forces illustrates the fragility and what lies in-between.

About the Artist(s)

Cheryl Chiw (b.1970, Singapore ) is an interdisciplinary visual artist and creative director. In her art practice, she makes sculpture, installation and video art with metal, detritus, iron oxide, forces of magnetism and gravity - the artist attempts to construct and deconstruct the transitory. Often allowing
serendipity to guide her process. She currently explores the precariousness of balance, tension between surfaces and forms. The subjectivity of value and the perception of in-between states are among themes present. Her artwork invites the viewer to “see” familiar things in unfamiliar ways and the transience of their meanings.

In 2017, she achieved a Master of Arts Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore - Goldsmiths
University of London.

As partner and creative director of Mentalworks Private Limited since 2005. She has worked with global companies; Diageo, Distell and Rémy Cointreau on luxury brands such as Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, Shui Jing Fang, Amarula, and The Botanist. Works include developing brand guidelines and merchandising toolkits for global and regional product innovation launch. From concept development, structural design, project management, production and installation supervision for GTME Duty Free Travel Retail.

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