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Blue Imprint: FEEDfragileBACK

Nathan Tan

Solo Exhibition

10 - 19 June 2022
Tuesday - Thursday, 2pm - 6pm
Friday - Sunday, 12pm - 6pm

Tuesday - Sunday, 9.30am - 11am and 1pm - 2.30pm

FEEDfragileBACK (pronounced Feedback Fragile) encompasses at once both the tense, evolving relationships that characterise the residents of Singapore’s waterways, and the fragility of the relationships that hold them together — ranging from one’s apathy to their pets, leading owners towards careless releases; to society-wide neglect of trash, leading to careless littering into waterways. These actions lead to and cause runaway processes — feedback loops of negligence that mutate originally natural behaviours of feeding into destructive forces, altogther accelerating pressures on already fragile environments.

At the same time, with this lack of awareness, feedback — in its form as reaction — is what Nathan seeks to extract from viewers on these hidden realities, as they gain new perspectives from FEEDfragileBACK’s multiple narrators. In a meta turn, Nathan’s own medium of printmaking — Itself an artform with inevitable imperfections during transfer — serves as apt metaphor for these fragilities, as he examines them with subtle blue-on-blue explorations. Finally, the exhibition’s disjointed title reflects the absurdity inherent in these situations: just like the randomness of the objects Nathan first found downstream.

The exhibition hopes to illuminate visitors to new possibilities in printmaking as an art form, as well as inform the public on the importance of environmental awareness and responsibility, as the variety of FEEDfragileBACK’s works illustrates urgent realities hidden in plain sight.

About the Artist(s)

Nathan Tan (b. 1995) is a Singaporean artist and printmaker. Nathan’s practice revolves around everyday recordings of human trails such as found objects, isolated sounds, unique visuals, and compositions in different corners of Singapore. Through his technically proficient and stylistically varied printmaking, he provides windows for audiences into his ecosystemic narratives, which include both environmental and anthropological concerns.

Currently, Nathan is pursuing a Diploma in Fine Art at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). He has exhibited in group showcases including 2022’s “SOAD x Collabs Showcase”, held at NAFA, and “Imagining New Futures” in 2021, held at Gillman Barracks. He is also currently the Student Representative for NAFA’s Fine Art Programme (2020-22), and a backer for the Open Print Exchange project. In 2021, Nathan interned at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery, where he served as a Workshop Instructor at STPI’s 2021 Open House

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