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Becoming ____

Isa Pengskul

Solo Exhibition

22 - 30 Jun 2024, 11am to 7pm

"We are enmeshed in a mesh of relations with each other and with non-human entities. We are never alone. "
Timothy Morton, “The Ecological Thought”

While "being" implies a fixed, stable state, "becoming" suggests a continuous process of transformation. In Donna Haraway’s “The Companion Species Manifesto”, she discusses how we become-with other species, highlighting the fact that everyone and everything is always evolving in response to and in relation with one another.

Becoming ___ delves into this line of thought by inviting us to engage deeply with a collectively chosen object from the vicinity of Gillman Barracks. Through the act of “becoming” an object that is usually perceived as lifeless or mundane, we may begin to challenge our preconceived notions of selfhood and explore the porous boundaries between ourselves and the world. Shifting focus from human-centered narratives to the perspectives of objects themselves, we might to seriously consider the agency of objects and their role in shaping our identities.

Becoming ___ is not just an exhibition but a space for collective exploration and dialogue. In the studio space, multiple "stations" are set up to facilitate exploration and experimentation with the chosen object. In conjunction with the resident artist’s investigations, you are invited to engage in activities such as drawing, reflective writing, poetry, storytelling, photography, wearable artwork creation, sound recording, and other creative explorations. Together, we will probe the boundaries between human and non-human, subject and object.

About the Artist(s)

Isa Pengskul is a Thai and American conceptual artist. She is interested in challenging conventional modes of thinking about nature, culture, and the human/non-human dichotomy. Central to Isa's exploration is the recognition that humans are embedded within and constantly shaped by their surroundings.

During her undergraduate years Isa studied Philosophy and Studio Art at Vassar College, NY. As a Maguire Fellow, she completed her Master of Arts in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She is a recipient of the Winston Oh Award and has been nominated for the prestigious Takifuji Award. Recent exhibitions include Not Only Nature (Bangkok, 2024), Undescribed #09 (Singapore, 2024), After one and Three Chairs (Singapore, 2024), Playground: 17th Tropical Lab (Singapore, 2023), Rationale for Fables (Singapore, 2023).

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