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Kathleen Ditzig

PhD Candidate, NTU ADM, Singapore
IMPART Awards 2021 Curatorial Winner

Kathleen Ditzig is a Singaporean researcher, art historian and curator. Beyond contributing to artist catalogues and making exhibitions, Ditzig’s art historical research on Southeast Asia and Singapore has been published in Southeast of Now (NUS Press, 2017), as well as presented at international academic conferences and platforms. Her writing has also been published by Artfo- rum, OSMOS magazine,Art Agenda, Art Review Asia and Flash Art, and in books including Per- haps it is high Time for a Xeno-Architecture to Match (Sternberg, 2018).

Ditzig's curatorial practice has previously involved the development of artist residencies, publi- cations and exhibitions for museums, as well as independent exhibitions for emerging artists. Her ongoing independent curatorial projects, such as (developed with Robin Lynch and Debbie Ding), have been presented on international platforms including the Berlin Biennale. Ditzig also works with Studio Vanessa Ban on External Assessment Summer School, Singapore's first independent art and design summer school.

Kathleen Ditzig
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