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Blair Thurman

b. 1961, USA

I Turn Right I Go Left I Go Straight, 2009

Acrylic on wood canvas

180 x 500 cm

Blair Thurman's shaped canvases navigate the crossroads of Pop Art and abstract geometric art, embodying a space that straddles painting and sculpture. Stemming from his enduring fascination with American car culture, Thurman's pieces draw inspiration from his extensive collection of model cars. They fuse cars and racetracks into a unique exploration of American car culture.

I turn right, I turn left, I go straight exemplifies this theme, alluding to various aspects of car culture, including the curves of automobiles, road junctions, and the act of driving itself, all depicted in a monochrome palette. Beyond its title, the artwork captures a dynamic sense of motion, evident in the traced outlines of geometric shapes. Thurman's artistic language seamlessly combines the vibrancy of Pop Art with the geometric precision of abstraction, weaving in the rich tapestry of American automotive history.

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