Round-up of Hearth Art Space 2.0

Following the inaugural run of Hearth art space in September 2020, we launched our second instalment this year from February to March. The aim of Hearth was to share the value of our office space in Gillman Barracks with the art community. We selected 7 projects from an open call and were especially thrilled to be able to support several collaborative projects that were organised by young emerging artists.

Geology of Memory by Hélène Le Chatelier

Our first artist kicking off the second edition was Hélène Le Chatelier, a French artist based in Singapore. She held a solo exhibition Geology of Memory, which focused on creating abstract territories and landscapes evoking fragmented views and reflections of the inner-self, while exploring the influence of memory and social context on intimate spaces. Through a variety of mediums, the artist questioned revisiting our memories. In her hands, paper became a material to be sculpted, while paintings on smooth and flat canvases created an illusion of the relief.