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Calybraid: Qiuyu Laura Zhao,
Frank Quek Yu Hong

Duo Exhibition

24 June - 2 July 2023, 11am - 7pm

“SAVAGERS AT PLAY” is an investigation into the connection between our bodies and objects through play. This exploration stems from our observation and fascination with the desire to define oursevles by what we consume, inadvertedly leading to surreal and ‘hyper-calibrated’ interior universes. For this project we are presenting furniture pieces alongside original 2D artworks that come together as an interior concept/installation. 2D artworks will consist of a selection of paintings as well as printed digital renderings, while the furniture pieces are unique sculptural objects imbued with their own personality.

The aim is to show the work in a freeform and whimsical way that invites public engagement through the act of lounging and playing. The act of play comes from the objects that we have designed, which are board games that are reframed as furniture or rather ‘functional sculptures’, which at the same time allow us to show a different side to once familiar items.

About the Artist(s)

Calybraid is an art and design studio directed by Laura Qiuyu Zhao and Frank Quek Yu Hong since 2022. Calybraid creates artworks, spaces and objects in the physical and virtual

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