School Programme

The Art Outreach School Programme seeks to bring art education to primary and secondary schools in Singapore and thereby to:

  • Promote aesthetics
  • Instill art appreciation
  • Promote art criticism
  • Foster an awareness in Asian and Western Art History
  • Raise awareness of art from a young age
  • Inspire art production

How it works

Art Outreach is not about creating art, it is about teaching a new language: a way to ‘read’ visual art and talk about it. Students are encouraged to develop their own opinions about the work and to think critically.

Our volunteers conduct in-classroom art appreciation sessions with students at one of Art Outreach’s participating primary or secondary schools. ‘Portfolios’ of artwork are presented to the students and discussed in an interactive, informal way, to stimulate the students’ interest in the topic, to inspire additional research, and even creative use of the topics.

Schools participate on a long term basis and we aim that through this process all students in a school will in time receive art appreciation education. The lessons aim to wrap around the school’s curriculum, thereby making lessons relevant to the student’s ongoing education.